Hugh updates you on his progress! Since the beginning of the year he has been on an exercise and weight loss journey in order to make huge lifestyle changes. His hard work is now paying off! In this video, he talks about how happy and healthy he now feels and shows how all his clothes are now too big for him.

He still has two months to go but already he has made lasting lifestyle changes. Having a trainer (Yoojin) teach him the right way to exercise in the beginning was really helpful and part of the reason why he has been successful this time.
Just to clarify, he WON’T be doing a naked photos shoot! But he will be doing what is called a “profile photo” in Korea, where people get professional photos done in a studio when they feel they are at their best physically. These photos show off the body and people usually only wear underwear. He already has a photographer and makeup artist lined up. These photos will be part of the big reveal in the last videos of his ‘Last Chance Transformation’ series.

Hugh hopes he can also motivate others to get healthy. The reason why he has called this the ‘Last Chance’ has been because he feels it’s his last chance to make such big changes while he is not too old. From here it just gets harder and harder to change to a healthy lifestyle. It’s something he has watched his friends struggle with and knows it causes more health problems later. Stay tuned for more updates soon!
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