I’m so happy to finally be releasing this series! The My Korean Husband couple and I decided to show off their local area of Gangwon by creating a five episode food tour or mukbang series! ‘Mukbang’ (먹방) is a Korean word which translates to something along the lines of eating show, it doesn’t translate great in English so I like to call this a food review series in English. For the first episode Hugh and Nichola took me to the most amazing Korean BBQ I have ever been to. This Korean BBQ restaurant (엉터리 생고기) is a chain, however I’ve heard the Gangwon branch is the best, and it’s famous for having unlimited Korean BBQ for only 10,000won (about $10 American)

Now I’ve been to a handful of Korean BBQ buffets, however the reason that it’s only a handful is because I’ve found them to be very ordinary. The meat quality is often subpar, hence why it is so cheap. However the meat at this BBQ restaurant was amazing! So high quality, tender and full of flavour. It’s the kind of restaurant you go to and can’t wait to go back to again it so memorable.

Another point worth mentioning is the extras that come with the BBQ (also unlimited). A stone pot is set into the charcoal grill that can befilled with doenjanjjigae, a soybean paste stew filled with tofu and vegetables, and there is also a little metal tray filled with oil and sliced garlic. Let me tell you, this is brilliant. So very brilliant. As the garlic cooks in the oil it infuses it with it’s flavour and at the same time you can cook kimchi in the metal dish which then soaks up the newly created garlic oil. After the garlic cooks in the oil it honestly tastes so good you can eat it by itself like that or it’s great to wrap with the cooked pork in a lettuce wrap. I would definitely rate this restaurant ten out of ten for great value and flavour. Certainly a must see if you’re in Seoul.

Korean address (according to google):
서울특별시 마포구 망원동 478-5 1층