Aloha Poke! Finally got a chance to taste some Hawaiian local food here in Seoul. Even though I just got back from Hawaii I already miss it! I saw an advertisement for the Aloha Poke place here in the IFC mall and decided to check it out. They are a new location here in Korea. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it!
When I arrived I saw the drinks section and I couldn’t believe it. They had Hawaiian Sun drinks!!! However they were very over priced at 3,500 won each. They had a variety of flavors to choose from.
The way to order is kind of like ordering a sandwich from Subway Sandwich. As you go down the line you choose your main dish and then toppings and any other add-ons. The menu had a quite a few more choice than I was expecting. I didn’t know what most of the options were so I just told them to put it all on. I guess that’s how I order at Subways as well. Haha.
To be honest, it was just okay. Not really the greatest but it is poke in Korea. Fish is quite expensive in Korea so a bowl would run you up to about 8-9,000 won not including a drink. I say if you crave some poke or just some raw fish then just go to a raw fish restaurant. Definitely much better. It was just a nice feeling to be in a kind of Hawaii environment in the restaurant