Hi guys, Mimimina here!
I’ve been living in Gwangju, South Korea now for almost 11 months!
And it still continues to surprise me; for such a small city, there does seem to be a lot of things worth doing. It has a reputation of being an artsy and quite a liberal city in Korea. It is famous for the art biennale and design biennale events, which I’ve attended and were full of incredible futuristic science ideas and artwork.
Today, I went for a wander around town as I had some unexpected time off. I did some shopping downtown and then I had the brilliant idea of heading to one of my favourite neighbourhoods: Yangnim dong.

Yangnim-dong in Gwangju is located in the area beneath the Gwangju Observatory and there are lots of cute cafes, brunch spots and restaurants worth visiting there. The area seems to have a lot of arts/ cultural events going on and that definitely adds to the appeal.

On my wanders, I was lucky enough to find a tourist site I’d heard about previously in Gwangju: The Penguin Village.

What is a penguin village, you might ask? Even after visiting, I honestly couldn’t tell you besides the fact it was very kitsch, artsy and a great photo op! The location is a short walk from downtown and so is a great option if you’re bored of shopping and want to check out some random artwork!
Anyway, please check out the video and let me know what you think!