What’s up everyone? Hope you have found a way to manage in this blistering heat. I walk outside for two minutes and I’m drenched with sweat. So, I’m looking forward to being in some water very soon!

This past week on Arirang’s I Culture U, we talked about accommodations in Korea as well as in the United States and South Africa. When you visit a new place, how do you typically find a place to stay? Also, what are some interesting places we could stay if we were to visit your country?

During my research, I found out you can stay inside a train car in Alaska. I believe some have openings in the ceiling so you can see the sky. If you can view the Northern Lights from the trains, this is one place that I must see during my lifetime. There is also another hotel that use to be a prison. Malcolm X was prisoned there when it was a prison. Another hotel is made up of tree-houses full with bathroom, bed, and everything you need to feel comfortable while sleeping.

We talked on how some places in Korea even include hot tubs inside your room! You can grille out right outside your room as well in some. Just talking about these things is making me want to go on a trip. Good thing I’m off for the next two weeks. Guess I’ll need to figure out where I should go to be able to swim and relax!

Have a good evening and try to stay cool!