Hey guys, back with a new video this week. And this one took some time to edit. It’s an 80’s & 90’s lookbook inspired directly by some of my favorite tv shows and movies. I tried to blend in video sources from the exact eras to give each look some context of the time being referenced. I want people to feel nostalgic when watching it, whether it be good nostalgia or bad.

So the first look was inspired by the movie The Breakfast Club. It’s such a great movie and really captures high school in a unique way by forcing five high schoolers each from different cliques to discover they’re not that they’re not so different from each other. I was inspired by the character Andrew Clark, mainly because I picked up some varsity jackets and wanted to use them in a lookbook and his character fitted the memo.

So the second look is inspired by the my favorite tv show of all time This is England. It’s a drama based around a group of apolitical skinheads who deal with extreme nationalism, unemployment and as well as their own personal problems in the Thatcherite saturated 80’s. I tried to gather some clips to highlight the political background of the 80s specifically 1986. The outfit itself was plain black skinny’s, a regular shirt, a long coat and of course doc martens. And Lol is literally one of my favorite characters on TV ever.

The final look was inspired the super famous 90’s tv show Dawson’s Creek. I love its unrealistic dialogue and it’s crazy to think this TV show caused an uproar in the 90s because parents thought it was advocating issues such as sexual promiscuity and homosexuality (lol). I thrifted the pants and shirt to give them 90’s feels. And I also had to try and incorporate the infamous Dawson curtains.

Anyways, that’s it. If you liked the video make sure to like, subscribe, comment and give me your money lol jk. I make lookbooks, diy, hair and lifestyle related content based in south korea. So yeah, if you like that kind of thing, you should subscribe. bye