Jaekyung and I took our wedding photos this weekend and omg… it was super INTENSE!!! We began our day at 1 pm where we got our hair and makeup done! Then we took a short taxi ride to the photo studio. It is custom to bring some snacks with you, so we brought some bread and small cakes for the photographer and helper. We knew it was going to be long, but I was not prepared!!! We ended up finishing around 8:30pm and then had to go to return our hanbok! We arrived home around 10:30!!! Needless to say, we were exhausted! The experience was really neat. I had 7 outfits to wear: 3 wedding dresses, one mini dress, one red evening dress, one hanbok, and one casual outfit. Every time that we changed the dress we would change the scene, and my hair. Jaekyung had 5 outfits (3 suits, one hanbok and one casual outfit). Really this day was so intense haha I can’t stress that enough!! We had a blast but we were a little hangry at the end of it! Also, our photographer had a bad cold, so I felt so bad for him TT_TT. Our photo studio’s name is M studio and it is located in Chongdam. Our photographer and helper were amazing and I really can’t thank them enough. Anyways this was a really cool experience and I hope you enjoy watching it!

This wedding shoot is before our Korean wedding! Our official wedding will be next month ^^ <3 I can't wait! It really has been an amazing experience so far and a lot of work. Completely different from what I am used to in Canada haha. Can't wait to show all the final results of all our work!