In this video I tried every 7-eleven triangle kimbap I could find. I could only find 16 so maybe I missed some. The flavors that were tried; tuna mayo, tuna kimchi fried rice, ham and mayo, jeonju bibimbap, charcoal barbecue, spicy pork bulgogi, spam ham and kimchi fried rice, tuna and red pepper sauce, ramen flavor rice, stir fried prok marinade, snow cheese hot and spicy chicken fried rice, fried chicken in sweet chili sauce, spam fried rice, Korean beef bulgogi, beef red chili paste and tuna creamy mayo. I try to make video food reviews as fast and interesting as possible so the viewer can gain some info in the shortest amount of time possible. I give some quick tips on how preparing your kimbap before eating and to mix it wil your ramen if you have leftovers. I don’t have a microwave at my house so I was unable to heat these before the review. Adding a voice over would have taken time and in order to speedline my workflow, I added text for additional information. Plowing through these, I will give you a quick review, 7-eleven kimbaps are terrible compared to GS-25. The quality and flavors are much lower quality and I cannot recommend any from 7-Eleven. If I had to recommend any, go for the ones with mayo but not the wasabi. I included my rating out of ten at the end of each bibimbap. I was able to find some interesting ones that I’ve never seen but fairly disappointed with the review of this video.