¡Hola Avellanas! Is it your first time in Korea and you do not know a word in Korean? If you are planning to come to Korea, I give you the key to survive when you will visit the country.
In this video I show you five basics words. With these words you can do the most basic and polite things: say hello, say goodbye, thank, order something or ask for forgiveness when something is wrong.

For foreigners, it is sometimes difficult to speak with Koreans when we are in the country because, most ok them, know English, but they do not always try to speak with us. They can do it! I am sure! But lack of self-confidence or the shyness makes that they do not try to speak in another language. Yes, I know, this is a general thing. Some Koreans speak English better than us and they are waiting to find you to practice their language skills but, is not it easier for you to try to speak in Korean first? If you try to talk to theme in Korean, they will see you friendly and have more confidence to try to talk to you.

Imagine this situation: You are arriving at a restaurant and you want to order your food, but… OMG! The waiter can not speak English and you do not know anything about Korean. God save me! In this case, you can use the word “chuseyo” (read with Spanish accent) and probably, all Koreans can understand it better.

Do you want to know how you can say goodbye to your hotel staff? Or say “excuse me” when you hit with someone who walks on the street? So, do not miss these five tips. They will help you have a better experience in the country, I am sure! ^^