What’s up awesome people? What do you love about Korea? :):

Korean culture is richly embedded with beautiful traditions, delicious cuisines, and world renowned entertainment. I personally love Korean culture because I grew up with a Korean mother who exposed me and my sister to the food, language, and customs of Korea. In this video, I share five things that I love about Korean Culture. I wouldn’t consider this as an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point for me to talk about what I love about the culture.

One of the things that I love about Korean Culture is the music. I have always been a fan of k-pop since the early stages and I’ve seen the evolution from Seo Taiji and Boys to the likes of BTS, Girls Generation, EXO, Apink, Primary, Jay Park, and many other Korean artists of today. I think that music in Korea has evolved to be vibrant, fun, and borderline addicting.

Another aspect of Korean culture that I love is the food! I must say (with a bit of bias, of course) that Korea has the best food ever. There are many types of Korean food that can fit every taste and diet. From the meats used in Korean BBQ (갈비, 삼겹살, 불고기, etc.) to the vegetable selections that you typically find in Korean 반찬, to the Korean staple of 김치, it’s difficult not to find something that you love!

I also mention a few other things about Korean culture that I love, so be sure to check this video out! I hope you enjoy the video and let me know some of the things that you love about Korean culture!