Hi! It’s Nathalie, from TravelingNat! Today’s video are the 5 MUST TRY Foods to Experience in Seoul!
If you want a true Korean Food Experience, this video will answer all of your questions. If you are coming to Seoul, you can find all of these foods and restaurants nearby. From Korean street food to savory Korean BBQ and this video lists the must try Korean food you need to experience while in Seoul! In this video, I wrap it all up for you so you don’t miss out on any food to experience while you visit Seoul! Below is a link to either the experience or the Seoul Restaurant for you to have your own experience!

5) Traditional Tea Shop
First on the list is visiting a traditional tea shop near the Gyeongbokgung Palace. You can either head to Insadong or down the side streets of Gwanghwamun and find a plethora of tea shops to choose from. These traditional teas are refreshing anytime of the year as they can be served hot or cold. Make sure you order the traditional Korean snacks to go along with your cup of tea!
For more information on the tea shop I visited, check out the link below:

4) Bingsu
If you have never had Bingsu before, allow me to change your life. Bingsu is basically the Korean version of ice cream, minus the guilt because the majority of the dessert is ice, but don’t let the sound of that fool you! This ice is like Olaf the Snowman leaving you a little piece of his snowy heart on a plate [is that too dark??] topped with savory sweet toppings, all generously coated with a creamy layer of sweetened condensed milk. This dessert literally melts in your mouth.
For more information on the Bingsu Dessert Cafe I visited, check out the link below:

3) Myeongdong Streeet Food Tour
If you want to try amazingly delicious Korean street food, head over to Myeongdong. If you can stand the heavy crowds that Myeongdong attracts, you will be rewarded street food venders that line almost every local street. For average prices ranging between $2 to $5, you can’t beat it! The street food in Myeongdong is more nontraditional than the original Korean street food, but it’s still mouthwatering good! If you want to experience more traditional street food, then head over to Gwangjang market. It’s only about a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute taxi ride from Myeongdong. All I can say is, plan to come hungry because, trust me, you will eat EVERYTHING!
For more information on the Myeongdong Walking Tour that I used, check out the link below:

2) Korean BBQ
This list wouldn’t be complete without the world famous Korean Barbeque! Feast your eyes on the juicy samgyeopsal or pork belly, which I would describe as a 1 inch thick piece of bacon. Mmmmm….BACON! Samgyeopsal is usually not marinated but it is eaten with many sides which can be eaten wrapped in a piece of lettuce. If you like some flavor to your meat, try bulgogi or galbi, both are usually marinated in a sweet sauce and literally melts in your mouth. If you are a meat eater, I highly suggest going to the restaurant I went to in my video. The restaurant Ungteori Saeng Gogi is all you can eat….yes, ALL YOU CAN EAT meat and sides for a low price of 14,500 won [about $13]. This restaurant has two branches in Seoul that I know of. One in Myeongdong, and the other in Hongdae!
For more information on the Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant I visited, check out the link below:

1) Korean Alcohol [Soju and Beer]
Did you know that Koreans drink more than any other country in the world? That is because Korean culture is heavily based around companionship and work dinners (which always includes Soju). So when you come to Korea, even if you’re not a big drinker, just try Soju. If you like beer, you can try what Koreans call Somaek [Soju + Beer]. I will warn you, this is a dangerous combination because it tastes so good and goes down so smooth. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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