This was a little video we posted on our Instagram first but it had an overwhelming positive response so we uploaded it to YouTube as well. Our friend Sophie was visiting with her 2 children (husband Han was working at this time) and from the bus stop the route to our apartment passes YG Entertainment. For those not familiar with YG, it’s one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea and the company that superstars BIGBANG belong to. Alice is only 4 years old but loves BIGBANG and has even been to a BIGBANG concert. She calls the YG building “Bigbang’s house” and knows they will be there sometimes (even though of course they are hard to see). Recently as we walked past she wanted to know if BIGBANG were there but we told her that they weren’t as it was a Sunday. Since Alice is very confident she decided to walk right into the driveway and ask the security guard herself. The guard was very nice to her but told her that they aren’t there today. She got a lot further than other fans get as most are stopped before getting to that point. It was nice of them to let her go ask.
It’s only a very short video but many people said they understood Alice and her desire to see BIGBANG. Maybe one day!