This is a follow up video to our short clip of our friends’ daughter Alice asking for BIGBANG at YG Entertainment. It’s been a crazy week as this story blew up in the Korean media! So many articles about Alice. (For those that don’t know, BIGBANG is one of the most famous Kpop groups and have been around for over 10 years).
We had already filmed a follow up video but hadn’t had time to edit it yet. We were coming back from our weekly radio show and checking our phones and saw articles across all mainstream Korean media. We knew we had to edit the follow up video as soon as possible. So, we rushed home and edited it. People had really fallen in love with Alice and loved her boldness of walking straight in and asking the security guard if BIGBANG was there. She had done it again the following Sunday and I had been ready with the camera. It was the same security guard and although he told her that BIGBANG wasn’t there, he had a smile on his face. He even commented on our video later about how it was nice to see Alice twice!
We got Hugh to interview Alice about BIGBANG and we showed some footage of when she was younger at a BIGBANG concert and dancing around to their music.

It’s been an interesting experience to see the different ways media approaches stories. Some articles got things right, but there was a lot of misinformation out there, like that Sophie (Alice’s mother) is my sister, or that the MyKoreanHusband channel is run by Sophie when it’s obviously Hugh’s and mine. Some also called Alice a “foreign girl” when she is not, she is Korean. It’s been a good starting point for a discussion about multiculturalism and the changing face of Korea.
We’ve had thousands of comments from fellow BIGBANG fans wanting Alice to be able to meet BIGBANG, but we’ll still waiting to see.