The Olympics were amazing!
The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games were quite the experience for Mike and I. We witnessed Shaun White’s amazing final gold medal run from the base of the half pipe. We got to see the US men’s hockey team. We got to party in Gangneung. And we almost died in a fire.

Seriously, two bits of advice with that. If you’re in a fire, don’t take out your camera. However… if you do take out your camera, don’t turn it off! Unless you’re gonna die. I did turn it off, but if it weren’t for the fast response of the workers at that restaurant, things could have been different. The fire was between us and the exit (and us and the fire extinguisher).

Mike and I were university friends. We met in a dorm, played ultimate frisbee together, joined the same fraternity, both were Biology majors getting ready for medical school, until… I decided to spend a year in Korea. Just one. No more. I thought. Since then, our lives have diverged. Mike is now a doctor, and I’m a long-termer in Korea. But I go back home to visit, and he’s come out to Korea a few times.

Gangneung is 100% my favorite place in Korea, and I’ll definitely be going back there this year. I’ve been lucky enough to be selected as a Gangwondo Supporter, so I’ll get the chance to try out a lot of places in that province.

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Goodbye Hasaeyo!

~ Michin Alex ~

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