Spring is finally here! If not the yellow dust, I would even be able to say that the weather is perfect!

I am someone who really loves fashion, but I was always insecure about my weight and body type. In South Korea, a country where almost everyone is stylish, I felt like I need to catch up as well.

I have been bigger my whole life, ever since I was a little kid and for the forst 20 years of my life, I waa wearing baggy, dark coloured clothes, to hide my insecurities. Therefore, here in Korea I decided to challenge myself and start embracing my own body and looks. Even though I felt insecure, I went shopping and got clothes, I would have never worn back at home.

For now, I am trying to improve my own personal style, rather than blindly following fashion. What do you guys think?

For this spring I chose 5 different outfits anyone could wear. I decided to start with a simple look which makes look you both, classy and casual at the same time – skinny jeans and a button up shirt with an extra sweater to cover your shoulders if you feel either cold or a bit insecure like me. Also, if you want to look more professional, you could wear a white blouse, but since it’s already spring I went for a more playful look to with added prints on.

For my second look, I chose a more edgy style, which you could also wear for a night out. You can never go wrong with black&white, right? I was always hesistant to wear leather, so this one was a challenge to me, but I felt like I could pull it off.

For me third look, I choose the “strong girl” concept, which makes me look girly and independent and cool at the same time. Flower prints are in style right now, so I have decided to match two different types of flower print and put on a leather jacket to help it pop a little more. As for the shoes, This time I chose to wear heels, but sneakers would also do just fine.

Finally, I have decided to end my lookbook with two dresses – which one do you think suits me better?

As usual, thank you for watching and I hope you have enjoyed this video. What are your to-go outfits this spring?