Regret is a goal so much easier to attain than success. It’s a difficult question to tackle: what if I had done all the right moves…where would I be now?

I have no regrets with where I am at the moment. I’m at a very healthy place in my life, I don’t really want to change too much, and I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by the people around me. But I sometimes wonder where I be had I done all the right moves beforehand.

Time is linear (probably?), so I’ll never know, but this video was a therapeutic way to pass on advice to those who may be a bit lost in their twenties. Honestly, I still watch videos with this title as someone in his thirties. It allows me to reflect on my current decisions that I’m making.

What role does alcohol play in our lives? How much should we be investing? Should we make the first move on someone we have feelings for? Do we start now or when we’re ready? Looking back on this video, perhaps this wasn’t just for people going through their twenties. Maybe this is a video for people of all ages to reflect upon and consider what direction they’re heading to in life.

If anyone out there is a content creator, whether it be with blogs or videos or podcasts or whatever, I highly recommend trying out this topic in your next post. Sure, it’s a great way to pass on advice to others, but it’s an even better way to reflect on your own decisions that you’re making today.

All the best to those in Korea and abroad.
~ Alex ~